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2nd Dec 2020
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18th Jan 2021

About Burly Inc.

Burly Inc. offers an innovative, organic, cruelty-free male grooming range

Burly Inc. was founded in 2017 to provide natural skincare, haircare, and beard personal care products for men. Owner Franco Polera believes there is a lack of good organic products for men on the market in South Africa, with most such offerings limited to women’s skincare. With Burly Inc. he aims to give men access to healthier, high-quality options which are less harmful to the skin and to the environment than conventional brands. The stylish, masculine Burly Inc. brand offers handmade products, using only organic and natural ingredients.

The Burly Inc. range and target market

The product range began with products for bearded men, but now also caters from men who prefer a clean shave and features skincare and hair care products and accessories. According to director Franco Polera the Burly Inc. product range will “ultimately be aimed at men of all ages. Well-groomed men who care about their appearance and individuals who don’t strive to conform but are secure in their own skin.” Burly Inc. brand represents masculine strength, together with creative individuality and natural health.

Perfectly balanced natural ingredients

Creating genuine organic products with pure ingredients (which are also packaged in recyclable or natural materials wherever possible) is a far greater achievement than using conventional methods and ingredients. To manufacture a good quality product without the use of parabens, sulphates, silicone, or additional additives, which still has a long shelf life requires skill and dedication. Therefore, the excellence and integrity of the natural Burly Inc. range is a great source of pride for the company and represents a labour of love.

Where to find Burly Inc. products

Currently the products are available across South Africa via their online shop and also at selected stockists nationwide. The products can be purchased at exclusive barbers, hair salons, certain pharmacies and gentlemen’s gifts and accessories shops in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. For wholesale enquiries please contact us.

Burly Inc.’s premium grooming products for men are vegan, organic and not tested on animals.

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