Why Burly Inc.?

The Name

The name came first,” says Franco Polera, owner and director. “I’m a part-time gamer and Burlymonk is my online gaming avatar. A monk in the gaming world can be a fighter, guardian or healer – mine is a healer - and that is what influenced my initial thoughts. I like fantasy, the idea of armor, of wings and shields, the creative elements that are synonymous with the gaming world.” Also the meaning of the word, he adds: “Burly means strong, strapping, masculine and I wanted to see those core themes expressed in my brand.”

The Range

“At the moment we supply products for bearded men but that’s not our only target market,” explains Franco. “We are also working on a skin range for men and our products will ultimately be aimed at men of all ages, colour and facial hair preferences. Well-groomed men who care about their appearance, individuals who don’t strive to conform and who are secure in their own skin.”

Our Ingredients: