Why Burly Inc.?

The Name

T he name came first,” says Franco Polera, owner and director. “I’m a part-time gamer and Burlymonk is my online gaming avatar. A monk in the gaming world can be a fighter, guardian or healer – mine is a healer - and that is what influenced my initial thoughts. I like fantasy, the idea of armor, of wings and shields, the creative elements that are synonymous with the gaming world.” Also the meaning of the word, he adds: “Burly means strong, strapping, masculine and I wanted to see those core themes expressed in my brand.”

The Range

A t the moment we supply products for bearded men but that’s not our only target market,” explains Franco. “We are also working on a skin range for men and our products will ultimately be aimed at men of all ages, colour and facial hair preferences. Well-groomed men who care about their appearance, individuals who don’t strive to conform and who are secure in their own skin.”

Our Ingredients: