1What makes Burly Inc. unique?
Burly Inc. beard oils & balms are made with only the best and natural products. All our oils are organic and infused with natural essential oils. A tremendous amount of research, thought and care goes into producing our extraordinary hand-crafted products.
2What is beard oil?
Abeard oil is a blend of pure organic cold pressed carrier oils and 100% essential oils. Beard oils and beard balms are full of great benefits for your facial hair and skin. These oils have been selected and combined to create an incredible and amazing leave-in conditioner for your beard. The results are a healthy, vibrant beard, good looking moustache and well-nourished skin.
3Why should I use beard oil or balm?
Burly Inc. Beard oils and balms rejuvenates dry, itchy, scraggly beards and makes them look healthy and fuller. Beard oil hydrates and conditions as it soaks into your hair and skin. It soothes dry skin, prevents dandruff of the beard, softens the hair, and encourages growth.
4Beard oil vs beard balm?
This comes down to preference. Beard oil and beard balms are the same when it comes to nutrients, getting rid of beard-itch & dandruff and softening your beard. The one main difference with beard balm is that it has more holding power to control wild hairs and the balm is an excellent choice for shaping your beard or moustache. Our beard balm has a light-hold and focuses more on conditioning your hair. Think of it as a leave in conditioner with holding power. We carefully crafted a balm that melts in your hands when you rub them together creating a light "hairspray like" effect.
5Can I apply both Beard oil and Beard balm?
Yes. Though you need to be conservative when you are using both products. While using both in appropriate amounts can give you a boost, it is very easy to overdo it. Begin with just a little bit of product, and slowly work your way up to what you need.
6How do I use Beard oil or Beard Balm?
Beard Oil - place 4-6 drops of our beard oil into the palm of your hand. Rub hands together and massage into your beard. Depending on how thick or long your beard is, you may need to use more beard oil to ensure you spread it through evenly and your beard gets enough. Any excess oil left on your hands can be used on the exposed skin on your face and neck. Our beard oil works fantastic as a skin moisturiser, pre-shave oil and as a post shave oil. Beard Balm – use your thumb nail to scoop out some balm. Then rub your hands together and smooth over your beard. Start from the bottom of your beard and massage upwards then massage the hair downwards. Use your fingers to try and spread as much of the balm through your beard. If you feel there is too little take another scoop and repeat the process. Use a brush or comb and style accordingly. Moustache Wax – do the same with a wax. Use your thumb nail and scoop out a small amount, about a pea size. Then using your thumb add a little to either side of your moustache. Rub it in and then style with either a brush or comb.
7Does it matter if you use beard oil when your beard is wet or dry?
Burly Inc. beard oils and beard balms can be applied to either damp or dry beards. However, after a shower is probably the best time to apply beard oil as your pores are open from the heat of the water and is quickly absorbed into your hair and skin.
8How long will a bottle of beard oil last?
The shelf life of a bottle of beard oil is around 12 months. After about 12 months the scent may start to fade a little and some separation of the carrier oils can occur. If this does happen then simply shake the bottle to mix the oils back up. If applied regularly a bottle should last you about 4 – 6 weeks.
9How often can I use beard oil or beard balm?
As often as you'd like - this is entirely up to you. Use it in the mornings and use it after your shower from home or after the gym and apply just before you go to bed. There really is no limit as to how often you can use it.
10My Beard is dry and brittle, what should I do?
The main cause for why your beard or your hair can become dry and brittle is due to dehydration. You should be drinking plenty of water daily. Our hot summers, sports, gym and other activities that cause you to sweat and even dry heat and dry cold winds, all deplete the moisture out of your body. Beard oil or balms will relieve the symptoms of dry, itchy, irritable skin and hair, but the root cause of it all is a lack of hydration. Best to keep hydrated.
11Will your products make my beard grow?
Beard oil, balms, waxes and shampoos are not magic potions. These products provide nutrients and minerals to your skin and hair follicles and encourages hair growth. However, this does not mean they will give you an instant beard within a few days or weeks. While beard oils and balms support growth by providing essential nutrients, it is not the main cause for growth. Genetics play a major role and there are many other variables that can affect hair growth. Only you will know your own hair and skin type, but our products will certainly support and aid in growing and maintaining your mane.