Easy skincare and grooming routine for men
2nd Dec 2020

Ingredients Matter

Using safe and natural ingredients has become an essential priority for ethical brands and consumers. Reading labels to learn what is in our food, our household detergents and our grooming products is becoming more important than ever, as we are becoming aware of the severe effect of harmful substances on our health and our planet. This is why at Burly Inc. we offer a range of natural male grooming products that are not only amazing for your hair, beard and skin; but also vegan, organic and cruelty free.

The organic, cruelty-free cosmetics trend

With such a vast range of cosmetic and grooming products on the market, it’s easy to get lost in the choices and have trouble deciding what makes one product range better than another. However, there is a definite trend towards embracing “cleaner” alternatives to the mainstream brands. Consumers want more organic ingredients and products that are not only good for us but also kinder to our planet. If we care about what goes into our food, eating healthier and exercising, why would we use harmful substances on our skin and hair. Also if we are concerned about the environment, protecting endangered species, saving water and reducing plastic waste; it’s only logical to also care about what’s in our cosmetics, which are used by millions of people every day.

At Burly Inc. we believe in creating grooming products for men that promote handsomeness without cruelty. Ranging from beard oils, balms, body wash and grooming gear, our product line is ever expanding and offering an organic alternative for well-groomed men who care about their appearance and the environment.

What’s in it?

Some of our wholesome ingredients include:

Argan oil: Moisture without the grease

Argan oil is considered a “dry” oil, it is easily absorbed and not greasy on the skin. It’s known for improving skin elasticity, retaining moisture and regulating the pH balance of the skin, which protects against sun exposure. It also reduces skin inflammation and helps combat skin disorders and scarring.

Candelilla Wax: Rejuvenate & regenerate skin

This is our vegan alternative to beeswax, which offers the same protective and thickening properties. This all-natural vegetable wax is extracted from the candelilla shrub (Euphorbia cerifera) which found in abundance in the Chihuahuan Desert. It’s free from pesticides, GMOs and hexane. Candelilla wax protects the skin, prevents moisture loss and binds other ingredients together. Rich in nutrients and Vitamin A, this vegetable wax also promotes cell regeneration and improves hydration.

Coconut oil: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial

These qualities make coconut oil (also called Copra oil) a highly effective ingredient. Coconut oil is an edible oil containing saturated fats (for smooth moisturised skin), lauric acid (natural disinfectant and antimicrobial), natural Vitamin-E acts (antioxidant for healthy skin and anti-aging) and proteins for skin, cellular health and tissue repair). Coconut oil is also excellent in hair products as it can encourage hair growth, reduce hair loss and restore dry damaged hair.

Jojoba Oil: Heal & Treat

This carrier oil is extremely stable, does not easily deteriorate and its structure is similar to skin sebum, making it an excellent moisturizer and ideal for all skin types. Jojoba oil is known to treat acne, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, stretch marks and even heal scars. The vegetable oil contains B vitamins, Vitamin E and minerals like zinc, copper and chromium. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties promote good skin health.

Other highlights:

Aloe Vera for extra comfort and soothing properties
Mushroom Extract is a natural occurring astringent in nature that helps close pores preventing ingrown hairs and rashes
Tea Tree oil for anti-bacterial properties, as well as other essential oils
Vitamins A, C & E
Spearmint for cooling properties

What‘s NOT in it:

We stay away from any substances which are harmful to your skin or the environment. Our products contain no parabens, sulphates, silicone or additional additives. All ingredients are GMO free. There are no synthetic colours or fragrances.  None of our products are tested on animals and they are also hypoallergenic.

Good for you. Good for nature.

We are proud of what’s in our Burly Inc. products and what’s on the label. When buying any of our male grooming products you can do so with a good conscience and knowing you are putting only pure goodness from nature’s pharmacy on your skin, beard and hair.

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